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Taking commissions now! There are five slots for the side/front view, and 10 for the pixel icons! Closed when all of the slots are full.

-Furry/Anthro Front or Side View-

Matilda the Bat by Taking-FlyteMargirie the Kangaroo by Taking-Flyte

Price: 170-180 Points 
What is Required: A reference of your character, and a thank-you.
Photo quality will be promised to be much better than shown, as I have just gotten a new photo editing app. Choose whether you want a front or side view of your character, as both are in the same price range. If your fursona/OC is gorey, demonic, or gothic, I will not be able to accept. I'm deeply sorry. :( (Sad)  Complexity of the character is the determining factor of the price. I might be able to lower it if your character is on the simpler side. Depending on my schedule, these should take around 1-3 days to complete. If I messed up on a detail, please tell me. That is the only way I can fix it. Thank you for your understanding. <3 

Simple Pixel Icons

Flyte's Fox by Taking-Flyte   Chibi Sea Dragon Icon by Taking-Flyte  Salad Pixel by Taking-Flyte  Lil Blooky by Taking-Flyte Sylvia the Bat by Taking-FlytePeryton by Taking-Flyte

Price: 60-80 Points 
What is Required: A reference of your character, and a thank-you.
Pricing depends on the complexity of the character. A headshot will cost 60-65 Points depending on the amount of detail, a full body will cost 70-75 
Points depending on the amount of detail, and any animation that isn't blinking or bouncing will be 5-10 Points more than the original cost depending on the animation wanted. If your fursona/OC is gorey or demonic, I will not be able to accept. I'm deeply sorry. :( (Sad)  Depending on my schedule, these will take around 1-2 days to complete. If I messed up on a detail, please tell me. That is the only way I can fix it. Thank you so much for your understanding. <3


1. No whining if you can't get in after commissions are closed, if your icon/view is taking a while to get done, etc. I promise to get them done in a timely fashion, but artists have lives outside of their art.
2. No begging to get in after the slots are closed. Heck, if you're understanding, I might let you sneak in.
3. No constantly asking when it's going to be finished. Chiming in every day with "Is my commission done yet?" will only make it take longer because I take more time out of my schedule to reply to those sorts of comments instead of working on your commission. I appreciate your excitement and enthusiasm, but please calm yourself.
4. No swearing at me.
5. Always check to make sure you paid the correct amount for a commission. If you paid too much, please let me know and I will gladly gift those points right back to you! If you paid too little, I will let you know.
6. If you're short of about 5-10 points, let me know. I'm ok with compensating, as long as it's not 50 points short of what I'm asking. Like I said before, I can and will lower the price if need be. All you need to do is ask me and we can work something out together.
7. Don't ask for free art unless I explicitly state that my requests are open. 

If you follow all of these rules, you might just get a surprise with your commission! I love throwing extras in to make you guys feel special. 

Thanks for checking me out! <3

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Submitted on
May 23, 2016